What does purebred and registered really mean?

A CKC Registered Dog equals a Pure Bred Dog - This is TRUE; In Canada, the definition of a pure bred dog is a dog of pure proven lineage that is registered by an approved registry. For the Havanese breed in Canada, that is the Canadian Kennel Club. If it is not registered, there is no proof that it is purebred. If a dog is offered for sale as a purebred, it must be entitled to registration papers. If the dog is not or cannot be registered, then it may not be advertised as a purebred.


Under the "Animal Pedigree Act" ( 1985, c. 8 (4th Supp.) ), any dog sold as a purebred animal in Canada MUST be registered with an acceptable registry.  In the case of the Havanese, this registry is the CKC, Canadian Kennel Club.  Paperwork from the CKC is completed and signed by the seller and buyer at the time of sale and the Certificate of Registration from the CKC must be supplied to the buyer within 6 months of purchase of the puppy.  This is a requirement under Canadian Federal Law. 

As well, any responsible breeder should be a member of the CKC and these requirements are also included in the club's Code of Ethics along with a requirement to provide this paperwork at no additional cost to the buyer of this dog/puppy.

All registries are equal - FALSE 

Armed with the knowledge you have now, the word “registered” puppy seems to make sense and that is a tool you now use for screening. But, not so fast! Even then, be careful about "registered Puppies". While one assumes that “registered” means registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, this is not always so. Commercial breeders count on people who do not ask questions. They don’t want informed buyers as they know they won’t stand up to scrutiny. If a Havanese puppy is being advertised as “registered”, make sure the registry is the Canadian Kennel Club. There are also a number of other "registries" that register dogs that are meaningless, including ckc, ACA, UKCI, UABR and APRI. Continental Kennel Club for instance happens to have the same letters as the Canadian Kennel Club. ( ckc). Dogs from these registries are ineligible for registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. Unethical breeders bandy about the words 'registered" and hide under these other registries in an attempt to create an illusion of reputability. If potential owners do not ask, they will not tell. Be informed and ask questions. Ideally you want a Havanese puppy that is registered/registerable with the Canadian Kennel Club.
Nb: Puppies with AKC (American Kennel Club) papers and a few other approved registries may be dual registered in Canada. Those may apply if you are buying your puppy from the USA or Europe.