Havanese Illustrated Standard


The Havanese: Illustrated Breed Study Guide


Multi award winning publication. Companion to the official Canadian Kennel Club breed standard.Get to know the breed from inside out and understand the defining traits and subtle differences that make a Havanese a Havanese.

 Havanese Illustrated Standard

  • Clear, easy-to-read, fully illustrated format
  • Glossary of common terminology
  • In depth breed study
  • Comprehensive commentary
  • Key elements of breed type
  • Judging tips
  • Almost 100 detailed illustrations
  • Plus a handy laminated quick reference insert

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Produced and published by the Havanese Fanaciers of Canada Inc. Fully illustrated with beautiful original Havanese artwork. Conveniently sized for comfortable reading and to tuck easily into a briefcase, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, saddle stitch bound. Also includes a handy laminated insert for a one page at-a-glance breed summary.

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  • Best Club Special Publication - 2014
  • Best Series of Illustrations/Paintings - 2014 (Artwork by Diane Wynen)



Understanding a breed standard can be a challenge, even more so when different countries have different standards for the same breed. We can all use a helping hand along the way. More than two years in the making, this illustrated study guide strives to explain the Havanese in detail as it explores the Canadian Kennel Club breed standard. 



We are delighted to showcase the creative talents of Canadian artist Diane Wynen. Diane has been drawing and painting for years with her artwork earning accolades from top breeders, owners, and judges around the world. Her love of dogs, and years as a breeder and exhibitor of Bearded Collies, give her a solid base about canine structure and an understanding of the finer points of breed type. Diane is a gifted artist with a keen sense of detail and a remarkable talent for capturing the essence of the subjects she portrays, bringing each one to life on paper and canvas. Visit Diane's website


Four sections for easy reading

SECTION 1: Introduction and basic information inlcuding an overview of the CKC standard, glossary of common terms and general anatomy.

SECTION 2: In depth breed study with discussion and commentary on pertinent points. Fully illustrated with over 80 finely detailed drawings. Convenient conversion table with both imperial and metric measures.

SECTION 3: Points to ponder, evaluation tips and general review.

SECTION 4: Handy laminated insert for quick reference of key elements.


  • June 2014: I must congratulate the Havanese Fanciers Of Canada on producing one of the BEST Illustrated Breed Guides I have ever seen. The illustrations including colour by Diane Wynen are amazing and have captured the personality and true essence of your breed. The detailed text, discussion/commentary in such a well organized format helps to take away the mystery of the breed for novice breeders and judges as well as helping to hone the fine points of the breed for experienced ones. This document will help judges understand completely the nuances of the Havanese and give them the knowledge and confidence to assess dogs properly and reward outstanding specimens. The 'Havanese At A Glance' insert is also an innovative idea and excellent resource tool. This guide could serve as a template for other breed clubs and is a MUST for any 'library' for the breed. Once again, congratulations for a job WELL DONE !!!! Richard Paquette, CKC All Breed Judge (June 2014)

  • I have been reading The Havanese Guide with great interest. I think that the Havanese Fanciers of Canada have done a great job making the Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard so easily accessible and understandable for Canadian breeders and judges. The Guide has been elegantly designed and the information it provides is admirably well organized, detailed and beautifully drawn ...   The plasticized sheet titled “The Havanese at a Glance” is so easy to carry and consult, especially for the judges. The Illustrated Breed Study Guide fulfills, I think, the double purpose of being useful for Canadian dog fanciers and visually delightful for the eyes of any reader. Zoila Portuondo  (July 2014)


  • The publication itself is a work of art. Diane's drawings are painstakingly clear in their detail and beautiful in their execution. (June 2014)
  • The illustrations are amazing and have captured the personality and true essence of your breed. (June 2014)
  • What an amazing job. Looks so professional, the pictures are such high quality. HW (July 2014)
  • Wow, what a wonderful job, a lot of hard work, patience and wonderful art work. I enjoyed reading every word (July 2014)
  • Amazing, every bit educational. Hats off to those who took the time and knowledge to make this happen. Well illustrated, well written. HC (July 2014)
  • There are not enough words to describe how much I am impressed by this piece of work. A pleasure to read. Beautiful! Loved the illustrations and the descriptions are so precise to leave no questions on what is correct. GW (July 2014)
  • I was blown away by this document and the content. The layout is wonderful and the illustrations so very helpful and well done. MA (July 2014)