Havanese and Cats

havanese_and_catsHavanese and Cats - Friends or Foes?
Many animal lovers have multi pet households which may include an assortment of different species. While no one ever questions how a new puppy will get a long with the fish; concerns over how it will get along with the resident cat arise much more frequently. It is an old myth that dogs and cats are sworn enemies. This myth has long gone by the wayside as many cats and dogs today live together in friendly harmony in shared households across the country.

So , what about Havanese and cats? How do they get along? Well, it all depends on the cat and it all depends on the dog and it all depends on the owner. There is no absolute answer that applies to all situations but in general most Havanese and cats live together quite amicably. If well planned in advance and put together with care and responsibility there should be minimal issues. Of course, as with any animals new to each other, there will be an adjustment period. Well socialized puppies and kittens are very adaptable to new situations and will adjust the fastest. Two young animals generally befriend each other very quickly. An older dog and a young kitten tend to adjust very well too as do a dog-accustomed older cat and a young puppy. In most cases Havanese and cats come to an understanding very quickly and in a few short weeks may become the best of friends, often even sharing the food dish and snuggling together at nap time. Both need to learn how to treat each other. A young dog may be too rambunctious at first for a kitten or older cat but very quickly learns the rules. Generally, it is best to let them work this out themselves, though some early intervention and temporary separation may be necessary with some specific animals. Not all will become playmates however; in a few cases, they may simply develop a mutual respect or tolerance for each other and learn to share living space without animosity. In most instances though, a much closer relationship than this develops.

Perhaps the mutual attraction is in part because Havanese and cats are similar in size ; though in a lot of cases , the cat may actually be the larger of the two. A large breed cat like a Main Coon or Ragdoll can easily be double the size of a smaller Havanese. Havanese love to play and are very social animals. They very much enjoy sharing the company of other animals whether it be canine or feline. Havanese especially love games of hide and seek, tag, pounce and peek-a-boo which are also games that many cats enjoy. Whatever the reason, Havanese and cats seem to get along especially well and may make a delightful pair of companions.

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