Breed Information

A gateway to great information about the Havanese breed: the Standard, History, Health & Wellness, Life with..., Raising & Training, and so much more.

  • The Breed Standard
    Learn about what makes a Havanese.
  • Havanese History
    The Havanese ("Habaneros" in Spanish) is also known as the Havana Silk Dog. It is believed that during the days of the Spanish Empire they were brought to Cuba by sea captains to be sold to wealthy Cuban families as well as given as gifts to win the favour of wealthy senoras.  Learn more...
  • Introducing the Havanese
    Informative articles about the Havanese, a great starting point for those who are new to the breed.
  • Care and Maintenance
    Personal care and hygiene is important to us all and is equally important to all dogs including the Havanese. Topics include grooming, travel, diet, and so much more.
  • Health and Wellness
    A dog’s health and well being is important to many breeders, Havanese breeders being no exception. There are a number of health tests available breeders can choose to use. Topic include: Spay/Neuter, genetics, health tests (BAER, CERF, Hip Dysplasia, Patella Luxation), holiday hazards, and so much more...
  • Life with Havanese
    Life with a Havanese can be amusing, jolly, and just right down fun. They are lovers and little entertainers wrapped up in a bundle of fur.Here are some stories about living with Havanese.
  • Raising and Training
    Raising and Training can be a joyful bonding experience for both you and your Havanese.
  • Book Reviews
    Check out the reviews given to many book on the topic of Havanese or mention Havanse.